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The Rick Lakin Podcast Ep. 02 The Power Stones by Erin Larene Wheeler, Movie Reviews, Book Review and Toastmasters

January 3, 2016

Today’s podcast is brought to you by The Power Stones by Erin Larene Wheeler from  I will read chapter 1 of The Power Stones.  I will review two movies today, Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Deniro and Bradley Cooper and The Big Short starring Steve Carel and Ryan Gosling.  

A Great Website for Toastmasters: 

The country’s leading Demographer, William Frey has written a book called  Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics Are Remaking America.  I will talk about that and point you to an interview with Tavis Smiley for more information.

Who doesn’t love trains?  Brandon Townley takes pictures of Trains and I will talk about that. 

Also for Toastmasters  Email me at if you would like a club website like this.

I will close today’s Podcast with a link to New Year’s resolutions for Writers from J.A. Konrath

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