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Episode 30 - Mardie Schroeder, author of Go West for Luck Go West for Love

March 24, 2016

Mardie's Bio


My formal involvement with horses came late in life although my love for everything in the horse world began at an early age. It all started by my going riding at local ranches, then being asked to guide rides as I knew all the trails, finally learning to tack.

But the most fun I had with horses was going on horse drives, cattle roundups, and outdoor horse adventures, i.e. a pack trip over the Continental Divide.

Then a friend and I became interested in learning a holistic method of training and treating horses. But at one of our clinics my friend had a fall and due to a severe brain injury was unable to continue. That also ended my horse training. Then I devoted my energies into therapeutic massage for humans. 

My ancient history is growing up in the Midwest, living in New York, Los Angeles, London, Rome and finally San Diego where I used my skills as an Executive Secretary in the corporate world.

Writing started with a small group getting together writing memoirs and other things. After about twenty episodes I had an idea for a novel. Thus began a work that ended up being a novella entitled “A Silent Man.” The few publishers I sent it to weren’t interested in a novella so I began a second novella entitled “a Good Hand.”  After the first chapter I decided this would be about Benjamin Harrison Johnson who is mentioned in the first book. Thus, the second effort became Part One of “Go West for Luck Go West for Love” and Part Two was what I had written first.

Now my time is taken up with tennis three times a week and my massage business. I’m also a member of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild and have published articles in two Anthologies.

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