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Episode 25 - Dennis Macaraeg, Author of Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense

March 6, 2016


Dennis Macaraeg


Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense

In this suspenseful thriller, two lovers are in a race against all odds in the jungles of the Philippines to save their kidnapped friend. Somewhere in the Shallow Sea will test Danny and Helen's determination in order to outwit Dr. Klein, the man who is after the scientific compound they brought as ransom.

About Dennis

I attended San Diego State University and earned a degree in teaching. I thought I’d be spending my working career in a classroom but life had different plans for me. When I turned 40—not a spring chicken at that time—I remember asking myself what else is out there in my life. The answer came in the stories I’ve been reading. I was listening to a thriller on an audiobook or maybe it was a love story while driving to the beach.  I liked both of them—the hero gets the girl, the money and lives to tell the tale—and right then, I had a serendipitous moment. Naively, I told myself, I could write a novel. Storytelling is easy. All that’s needed is a beginning, a middle and an end, and about 53,000 words. Not true. There is nothing more difficult than inventing a story. With nothing but bits and pieces of inspiration here and there, I began writing stories in my spare time. I joined writing groups and enrolled in a creative writing class at a local college. 



Not really knowing what to write, I thought of my trip to the Philippines in 1993. I went backpacking throughout the country just a few years after graduating from college, visiting the country’s three main islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The seed for writing this novel was born. Since I love reading thrillers, love stories, history and travel books, I decided to combine all categories and turn them into a novel. Words became sentences, then paragraphs. Finally, the compiled chapters turned into a book! I hope you enjoy reading my novel just as I enjoyed writing it.



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