Episode 25 - Dennis Macaraeg, Author of Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense

March 6, 2016


Dennis Macaraeg


Somewhere in the Shallow Sea: A Novel of Suspense

In this suspenseful thriller, two lovers are in a race against all odds in the jungles of the Philippines to save their kidnapped friend. Somewhere in the Shallow Sea will test Danny and Helen's determination in order to outwit Dr. Klein, the man who is after the scientific compound they brought as ransom.

About Dennis

I attended San Diego State University and earned a degree in teaching. I thought I’d be spending my working career in a classroom but life had different plans for me. When I turned 40—not a spring chicken at that time—I remember asking myself what else is out there in my life. The answer came in the stories I’ve been reading. I was listening to a thriller on an audiobook or maybe it was a love story while driving to the beach.  I liked both of them—the hero gets the girl, the money and lives to tell the tale—and right then, I had a serendipitous moment. Naively, I told myself, I could write a novel. Storytelling is easy. All that’s needed is a beginning, a middle and an end, and about 53,000 words. Not true. There is nothing more difficult than inventing a story. With nothing but bits and pieces of inspiration here and there, I began writing stories in my spare time. I joined writing groups and enrolled in a creative writing class at a local college. 



Not really knowing what to write, I thought of my trip to the Philippines in 1993. I went backpacking throughout the country just a few years after graduating from college, visiting the country’s three main islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The seed for writing this novel was born. Since I love reading thrillers, love stories, history and travel books, I decided to combine all categories and turn them into a novel. Words became sentences, then paragraphs. Finally, the compiled chapters turned into a book! I hope you enjoy reading my novel just as I enjoyed writing it.





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Episode 24 - Sheila Dobbie, Author of Peach Cobbler for Breakfast

February 23, 2016

Peach Cobbler for Breakfast 

on Amazon.com

Sheila Dobbie has been writing most of her life beginning with her first published piece in the fourth grade for her elementary school newspaper. She has contributed countless articles over the years to area newspapers about the arts, edited a professional environmental publication, has been a lobbyist for the arts in the schools, and a PR director and founding member of a community arts association.

Ms. Dobbie is also a former English and journalism teacher, construction reporter, entrepreneur, and certified paralegal. As a free-lance writer, she assisted with the research of a book about the Scots at the Alamo and many other projects. Regarding her nom de plume, she says, “I write under my full name to honor those who were an important part of my life when I carried that name and who helped shape who I am.”

She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, John, a dog and a cat. She maintains a blog, Notes from the Pond—in the spirit of Walden, where she records her observations on everything from politics to nature to movie reviews. Visit her at

www.notesfromthepond.com or

www.sheiladobbie.com or




There is no right way to write. There are probably as many different ways of writing as there are authors—published and unpublished. However, I will share my writing process or what works for me.

I have broken down the procedure into six steps. They are:

1.     Topic--The first step begins with an idea or topic. Many times I let the idea roll around in my head for weeks before I sit down to write. Is it an original idea? If not, what can I do to make it different? As an example I am currently working on a book about the Civil War. This is a topic so vast that if I read every book ever written about the war and viewed every movie and TV show I doubt I would finish in this life time.


2.     Research--The next step is research—tons and tons of research. My general rule is I begin reading as much as I can about a topic and, when I begin finding the same information in several publications, I then feel I have covered the subject adequately. Along with this research it is important to take accurate notes including where the information came from and, if it is taken from a periodical or the internet, it should include the date as data changes rapidly in today’s world.


3.     Organize-- Now, what do I do with this research? The next step is organization. A rough outline is helpful. It will probably change a lot by the time you reach the finished product but this is a good beginning step. From this outline you may want to start naming and organizing your chapters. Now, consolidate your notes according to your outline.


4.     Write--The hard part is the actual writing. Most authors and artists will tell you that facing a blank page or canvas is somewhat intimidating. By this time there are usually so many ideas in your head that knowing where and how to start is difficult. That is why I have developed what I call my “Shot Gun” style of writing. I put every idea on paper as fast as I can without worrying about spelling or grammar. I want to get the ideas and wording down before I forget it.


5.     Review--Reviewing for any mistakes is the next step. Once I finish the essay, news article, or book chapter I then go back to read for spelling, grammar, and continuity. Merriam-Webster defines continuity as: con·ti·nu·i·ty : uninterrupted connection, succession, or union. Does the subject matter flow or do ideas jump around? Is each paragraph a complete unit or is another subject introduced? Are there any vague or unintelligible sentences? Do I need to elaborate on a topic? Have I been too wordy or repeated myself and need to delete? Do I need to move sentences or paragraphs around for a better understanding of the topic? Does the writing flow? Is it easy to read? Does it communicate?


6.     Edit--Once the writing is finished the most crucial step is edit, edit, edit!  Nothing turns off a discerning reader faster than misspelled words, poor grammar, and sloppy work. The author instantly loses credibility if he/she cannot express himself properly. Anyone who turns in a piece to a publisher without first editing it is a fool. Even the pros review and revise their work before turning it into their publisher. Many times it will then be turned over to a professional editor for more polishing. Think of it not as someone critiquing and criticizing your work but someone polishing it so all your prose and ideas will shine. This is the icing on the cake for all your hard work.

My attitude is if my name is on it I want it to be right!



Sheila Dobbie, Author

Peach Cobbler for Breakfast;

Surviving a Life Altering Event



Episode 21 - Lynette M. Smith - Copyeditor, Author of How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure

February 15, 2016

Lynette M. Smith owns and operates All My Best and Good Ways to Write, a business and nonfiction copyediting service founded in 2004. She holds memberships in Publishers & Writers of San Diego, as well as San Diego Professional Editors Network. Personally and professionally, Lynette abides by The Four Agreements:* 

  • Be impeccable with your word.

  • Don't take anything personally.

  • Don't make assumptions.

  • Always do your best.


Whenever Lynette is asked why she was moved to establish Good Ways to Write, she tells this story:

When our son Byron married Rachael in 2008, they created lasting memories that touched our hearts: They each wrote a loving letter to their own parents, describing not only their fondest childhood memories but also the values, life lessons, and ideals they would bring to their marriage. At the wedding rehearsal, one at a time, they presented their letters to their parents. Both sets of parents, as well as all others present, were deeply moved. We will always treasure our loving memento.

Byron's_Letter,_Facing_L-72dpi-144pxW-caInspired by Byron and Rachael's original idea, Lynette has created this website and its tools and products to help you write your own treasured personal letters and business communications, in furtherance of her life's purpose:


The Big, Achievable Goal

To get millions of people worldwide to write heartfelt letters of appreciation so they can establish, enhance, and even rebuild their relationships and thus change their world. 


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Episode 16 - Erin Larene Wheeler, Author of The Power Stones, Book 1 of the Secrets of Artasia

January 31, 2016


Erin Larene Wheeler is the author of The Power Stones, Book 1 of the Secrets of Artasia

The Power Stones will be Free starting Tuesday, February 2 until Saturday.

I am the publisher of The Power Stones, Book 1 of the Secrets of Artasia by Erin Larene Wheeler.  When I taught high school, Erin was a student at the school.  One year and one week ago, Brion Kennett, a member or iCrew Digital Productions, got me in touch with Erin and that she was writing a fantasy novel.  Erin agreed to allow me to publish the book and she and I have worked hard to bring the book out last October.   

Visit Erin at erinlarene.com

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Episode 15 - Toastmasters, Between the Gavels with Virginia Avalos, DTM, Club Bilingue, Chula Vista

January 29, 2016

This is a flashback episode that I recorded a couple of years ago at Toastmasters Club Bilingue #3052, Chula Vista, California

The Rick Lakin Podcast is brought to you by iCrewDigitalPublishing.com, Bringing New Authors to the Digital World
Bill Barrons will be 90 years old on February 1st.  To celebrate, The Nude Beach Homicides, Book 2 of the San Diego Police Homicide Detail will be free on Amazon.com through Saturday.  On his birthday, iCrew Digital Productions will release Homeless Homicides, Book 6 of the San Diego Police Homicide Detail featuring Matt Morgan. Check out this Podcast Interview with Bill Barrons.  or visit his website at williambarrons.com

Next week, Free Book Tuesday makes The Power Stones by Erin Larene Wheeler free for 5 days.

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Episode 13 - Coach John Kentera on Coaching, Broadcasting and Sports

January 27, 2016

A local coaching and broadcasting icon who is well known and respected throughout the San Diego sports community, John Kentera begins his fifth season as general manager of the San Diego Sockers, including his second year as vice president of operations. Under his direction, the Sockers have fashioned a 58-6 record in the Professional Arena Soccer League during the regular season, and have won three PASL championships. Kentera was instrumental in moving the team back to its original home, the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, where the Sockers enjoyed their best attendance in 2012-13 since their return to action. With a relentless focus on improving the team on the field and in the community, and a dedication to building the Sockers’ status as a key part of the San Diego sports landscape, Kentera remains the driving force behind the Sockers’ front office.

A standout student-athlete in basketball, football and baseball at Torrey Pines High School, Kentera went on to play basketball and baseball collegiately at Mira Costa College, eventually earning a full-ride basketball scholarship at United States International University. After a knee injury ended his athletic career at USIU, Kentera graduated from college and began his coaching career, a seventeen year journey that would earn him his on-air nickname of "The Coach". John began as an assistant baseball coach at Torrey Pines from 1979-81, then moved on to coach at Mira Costa and Southwestern community colleges, and eventually rose to the position of recruiting coordinator and assistant coach at Texas Tech University. Kentera returned home to raise his family in his hometown of San Diego in 1987, and continued to coach another seven years of high school sports at Torrey Pines.

It was also in 1987 that Kentera’s broadcasting career began, a career that has continued and thrived ever since. Starting at 690 XTRA Gold in 1987, "The Coach" was on hand when the station converted to XTRA Sports 690 in 1990, one of the legendary sports-talk radio stations on the West Coast. Kentera has worked at The Mighty 1090 sports radio since its inception in 2003, and currently serves as the host of a nightly three-hour show from 6-9pm as well as hosting duties for the San Diego Padres pre-and-postgame shows. His "High School Scoreboard Show" has been on the air since 1991 and has served as a staple of the high school sports coverage scene in San Diego. John’s on-air and broadcasting credits on television and radio include the San Diego Chargers, Los Angeles Kings, SDSU and USD football and basketball, and high school CIF championships in both football and basketball. 

John, 55, lives in Solana Beach with his wife Kelly, and is the proud father of daughters Brooke and Ashley and two granddaughters.

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Episode 12 - Bill Barrons, Author of The Nude Beach Homicides and the Homeless Homicides

January 25, 2016


The Nude Beach Homicides 
by William Barrons

Available Free on Amazon.com

between Tuesday and Saturday

Bill's Birthday is Monday, February 1st and we want to make him #1 on the Mystery-Police Procedural before we publish The Homeless Homicides on his birthday.

Born 1926, in Cadillac, Michigan, the oldest boy of fourteen kids. Survived the Great Depression and joined the Marines the day after I turned 17. Could hardly wait to go fight those nasty Nazis and Japs. Served 2½ war years in the Marines. Got married, went to college, had kids, re-joined the Marines in 1949 – in time for the Korean War. Became a Marine Second Lieutenant but was a Platoon Commander only for a short while as my sick wife nearly died and I had to resign to care for my family. Became a Telephone equipment engineer with AT&T in Chicago. Then was a kitchen and home remodeling designer for 22 years.   Retired at age 69 and began to research and write novels. At age 89, I’m still at it!

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Episode 10 - Ed Lavino, Author of Prevailing Westerlies

January 24, 2016



In today's podcast, we are going to talk photography with Ed Lavino – Photographer and author of Prevailing Westerlies from Sastrugi Press a collection of black and white photos from the American West available from Amazon.com

 In the podcast, we discussed a number of photos from Ed's book.  They are shown below



Ed Lavino studied art history and photography at the State University of New York at New Paltz in the early 1980’s but has been photographing since childhood. He works with large format photography in black & white with a 5×7 view camera and has been making striking images with serious intent for over 30 years. His interpretation of landscape, still life, and portraiture speak to his profound connection to the people and places of the Mountain West.

Here are the photos we discussed:

14 – Rusted Car


 18 – Three Canadian Dimes


 22 – Owl Petroglyph


33  - Danforth Gallery


 40 – Mint Bar


 52 – John


 90 – Sylvan Springs


 116 – Cave Dwelling


 128 – Storm over Housing project


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Episode 11 - Olayinka Joseph - Author of Together Everyone Achieves More. Embracing Diversity With Attitude Modification

January 22, 2016


Episode 11 features Olayinka Joseph, author of Together everyone achieves more. Embracing Diversity With Attitude Modification

I got to know Ola Joseph at the 35th anniversary of Sweetwater Valley Toastmasters where Ola started his Toastmasters Journey.  He was kind enough to keynote the event and gave an inspirational message that resonated with everyone.  From a poor fishing village in Africa, Ola developed mastery of five languages to become a professional public speaker.  Today he joins me on the Rick Lakin Podcast to talk about his Toastmasters journey and his newest book called

Together everyone achieves more. Embracing Diversity With Attitude Modification

coming soon on Amazon.com


Olayinka Joseph is the president of Riverbank & Associates, a management and professional development firm in Houston, Texas. A respected and internationally known speaker, executive speech coach, and trainer, he has helped many business leaders and organizations enhance their success through hands-on coaching and mentoring. Together Everyone Achieves More: Embracing Diversity with Attitude Modification is Ola’s thirteenth book. In addition, he has authored many magazine and newspaper articles. Ola is a United States Navy veteran and a distinguished member of Toastmasters International. He is a member of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) in five languages, and he is also a Certified Proficiency Tester with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Ola is a certified trainer with the Center for Teacher Effectiveness (CTE). 

Ola Joseph's Website:  olayinka.com

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Episode 8 - Bernard Gonzales - Journalism in the 21st Century

January 15, 2016

The subject is Journalism in the 21st Century and my guest is Bernard Gonzales, Journalism Professor at Southwestern College, Chula Vista

Bernard Gonzales got his Broadcasting degree at Long Beach State and recently got a Masters Degree in Digital Journalism from National University


Bernard over 20-year’s experience in the broadcast journalism industry as a reporter/anchor, field producer/writer. More than half my career was spent in the nations second largest media market, Los Angeles. While there I worked at KTTV, Fox 11 and KCBS, Channel 2. I have covered numerous major breaking news stories and history making events.



He began his broadcast Journalism career at the Fox Flagship station in LA rising to the position of Orange County Bureau Chief and he covered many events including the slow speed chase of OJ Simpson.


He then spent 5 years at the NBC affiliate in San Diego covering live events such as the fires in North County.


Entering the public sector, Bernard spent 7 years as the Public Information officer for the Chula Vista Police Department and as Senior Council Assistant to Mary Salas, now the mayor of Chula Vista.


For the past 3-years I have been an Adjunct Professor at Southwestern College in Chula Vista teaching Mass Media Communications, Public Speaking and Journalism.

Bernard Gonzales on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/bernard.gonzales.777

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